…complete kits comprising intumescent block grille and steel louvres for doors and panels.

The FBLS consists of an intumescent block grille only 14mm wide which fits within the door leaf in the aperture, and a steel two-part louvre set which fastens to both sides of the door and sandwiches the intumescent block. In the event of fire the intumescent expands 80 times its own volume to fill the door void.

Suitable for timber fire doors up to 60 minutes and steel fire doors up to 240 minutes integrity.
Nine standard sizes from stock; any size to order.
Mild steel or stainless steel louvres available.
To suit doors minimum 44mm thick, no maximum door thickness.

Fire rated fusible link louvres and standard non-fire rated louvres also available from stock.

Contact us for more details or to see samples.

Posted on 24th March 2005 at 12:00 am

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