Zero Seal Systems Ltd are pleased to announced a new addition to their silicone teardrop frame seal family; the 388S. Zero has been selling the original 188S since they started trading and this has become the most widely used seal of its type in the industry. A couple of years ago Zero added the smaller 488S to suit the market move in trend to smaller frame gaps.

Well now, again to meet customers demand, they have introduced the 388S to seal larger frame gaps. This again proves Zero’s commitment to meets customer demand. It has exactly the same fire and smoke properties as the 188S and 488S so can be specified in confidence.

The 388S is already held in stock in good quantities at Zero’s Stafford warehouse.

For further information or samples please contact Mark Lockley on 01785 282910.

Posted on 6th May 2009 at 12:00 am