Zero Seal Systems Ltd have just had their full range automatic dropseals positively assessed by UL International (UK) for use on previously tested steel based door assemblies to EN 1634-1:2014.

When fitted with one of the Zero dropseals mentioned below, steel door assemblies would be expected to achieve a fire resistance performance of up to 180 minutes integrity.

This new assessment covers the whole range, namely 320A, 321AA, 323A, 350A, 351AA, 352AA, 354A, 355A, 360A, 361AA, 364A, 364FSA, 365AA, 365FSAA, 367AA, 368AA and 369A. These models include patterns which are light, medium and heavy duty and also patterns which can be morticed, semi-morticed and surface mounted.

Most Zero dropseals (or automatic threshold seals) are adjustable to 25mm. They work on a hinge-side plunger with a flat spring mechanism, so there are no electrics to deal with. The system drops a neoprene gasket in a scissor-like motion to form a tight seal with no drag – even on an uneven floor. The seal retracts automatically when the door opens.

Sales Director Mark Lockley believes this just further strengthens Zero’s position as a market leading door hardware supplier “One of the major benefits of a steel door is the increased fire resistance they offer over say a timber door, well now Zero dropseals can be specified with confidence for fire resisting steel door assemblies. Having our whole range assessed for a duration of three hours to EN1634.1 is, we believe, ahead of the competition”.

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Posted on 19th October 2015 at 4:14 pm

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