Whether you need accessibility products for your school, residential home or your home, creating inclusive, usable spaces is so important. From more convenient and comfortable residential properties to better access for visitors, customers, and employees at your workplace, making your outdoor spaces and buildings more accessible allows those with a disability equal access to places and services.

Wheelchair-Friendly Accessibility Products

We’re proud to supply a range of quality wheelchair, walking aid and mobility scooter-friendly products. From aluminium, grooved 6.4mm flat threshold plates and aluminium, grooved modular ramps to wheelchair shower thresholds, our accessibility products are perfect for overcoming problems with differences in finished floor levels.

Modular Interlocking Ramps

The perfect solution for any area a ramp is needed, our modular, interlocking ramps are ribbed for traction and grip and made from strong-grade aluminium. Our ramps feature interlocking components, so they can be combined to create the length of ramp needed. Suitable for domestic and commercial use, they can also be retrofitted into buildings.

Zero Modular Aluminium Ramp - 236 914MmZero Modular Aluminium Ramp - 236
ZERO Modular Aluminium Ramp - 236
From £74.95
In stock, 11 units
Zero Modular Aluminium Ramp - 2361 2134MmZero Modular Aluminium Ramp - 2361
ZERO Modular Aluminium Ramp - 2361
From £55.09
In stock, 27 units
Zero Modular Aluminium Threshold - 238 1219MmZero Modular Aluminium Threshold - 238
ZERO Modular Aluminium Threshold - 238
From £106.27
Only 2 units left
Zero Modular Aluminium Ramp - 235 2134MmZero Modular Aluminium Ramp - 235
ZERO Modular Aluminium Ramp - 235
From £57.50
Only 2 units left
Zero Modular Aluminium Ramp - 234 1219MmZero Modular Aluminium Ramp - 234
ZERO Modular Aluminium Ramp - 234
From £57.50
In stock, 25 units

6.4mm Flat Thresholds

Ideal for mobility scooters, wheelchairs, and walking-aid users, our aluminium, grooved 6.4mm flat thresholds are available in various widths and lengths, are easy to cut to size and are suitable for internal or external use. The low-profile thresholds feature a gradual ramp on each side, allowing easy access across from both directions.

Flat Threshold - 545Flat Threshold - 545 1219Mm
Flat Door Threshold - 545
From £54.65
Sold out
Flat Threshold - 548Flat Threshold - 548 1219Mm
Flat Door Threshold - 548
From £122.57
In stock, 23 units
Flat Threshold - 6710Flat Threshold - 6710 1219Mm
Flat Door Threshold - 6710
From £234.95
Only 10 units left
Flat Threshold - 546Flat Threshold - 546 1219Mm
Flat Door Threshold - 546
From £79.84
In stock, 20 units
Flat Threshold - 544Flat Threshold - 544 1219Mm
Flat Door Threshold - 544
From £45.52
In stock, 20 units
Flat Threshold - 674Flat Threshold - 674 1219Mm
Flat Door Threshold - 674
From £94.09
In stock, 28 units

Wheelchair Shower Thresholds

The shower door threshold is designed for use when a shower needs to be accessible to a wheelchair, keeping the water safely in the shower tray and allowing wheels to pass over without issue. Available in two heights, the wheelchair shower threshold is ideal for both domestic and public showers.

Shower Threshold - 8452
Shower Door Threshold - 8452
From £94.44
Only 3 units left
Shower Threshold - 845253Shower Threshold - 845253 914Mm
Shower Door Threshold - 845253
From £94.44
Only 3 units left

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