A fire door is an essential part of your building’s passive fire protection system, and fire-rated door hardware is a critical component of every fire door. As a leading supplier of fire-rated door hardware that’s been independently fire-tested for over two decades, we know that fire doors save lives. From fire-rated drop seals and vision frames to fire-rated louvres and frame seals, browse our extensive range of fire-rated door hardware today.

Fire-Rated Door Hardware: Tested Products You Can Trust

Fire Door Selectors  

Fire doors must be fitted with a door closer to ensure they close. But pairs of fire doors with flush (with a latch bolt), rebated meeting stiles, or an astragal fitted can close incorrectly if not equipped with a fire door selector (also referred to as a fire door coordinator). Correctly fitted fire door selectors ensure your double doors always close in the correct order, remain closed and maintain an effective barrier against fire and smoke.  

Bi-Directional Fire & Smoke Seals

If you need seals for your fire-rated doors, you’ll need fire and smoke-rated silicone seals. Fire and smoke seals keep the gap between the door and frame sealed, preventing fire and smoke from passing from one area to another.   

Our entire range of self adhesive silicone seals has been successfully assessed and fire-rated for use on insulated or uninsulated fire-rated timber and steel doors.

Fire-Rated Door Closers  

Door closers are critical in fire door safety and keeping your building compliant. Fire doors must be fitted with fire-rated door hardware, including a fire-rated door closer, to ensure they remain closed in the event of a fire and compartmentalise the building. Along with the fire door itself, a fire-rated door closer should be tested, certified, and regularly inspected and maintained.      

Fire-Rated Vision Frames

Glazed vision panels can be aesthetically pleasing and extremely practical in fire doors. But if your fire door features a vision panel, it should be fire-rated, like all its other door hardware. 

Vision panels for fire doors feature fire-resisting glass that can withstand the heat of a blaze for at least 30 minutes before it begins to soften.

Fire Door Ventilation Grille Systems

Do you have fire-rated doors to rooms that need air circulation, such as plant rooms, changing rooms, computer rooms or manufacturing areas? The FBLS Fire Block Louvre System allows for airflow while maintaining the integrity of your fire doors and preventing the spread of flames.  

While standard louvres allow for ventilation, they also permit the passage of flames and toxic smoke. But the FBLS Fire Block Louvre System for steel doors has achieved BS EN 1634-1:2014, ensuring an impressive four-hour integrity in a fire.

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Anemostat Inverted Split Y Metal Louvre - FDLS
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