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Air Control Systems

Seal systems which have been tested to determine their effectiveness against air pressure. Various sets of seals were tested at varying air pressures measured in Pascals (Pa), and to both negative and positive pressure.

Negative pressure (air exfiltration) - where high pressure pushes the door away from the seals. For example, computer rooms, halon systems, hotel bedroom doors etc. Negative pressure tests are the more onerous, and leakage rates are generally higher under negative pressure.

Positive pressure (air infiltration) - where high pressure pushes the door against the seals. For example, external outward opening doors with panic exit devices.

Hurricane Protection & Safe Haven sealsUK Testing, US Testing


Acoustic Seals

By specifying a complete ‘Control System’, you are assured that the components installed for head, jamb and sill will perform properly together. All tests were performed in accordance with nationally accepted standards by independent laboratories.

To the best of our knowledge, no other specialist seal manufacturer can match the 52 STC rating achieved by our  Soundtrap System. The system delivers this impressive decibel reduction by using four interacting components that form a continuous tight seal and comprises of:

  • Automatic door bottom – as the door closes the seal drops up to 25mm with a scissors action and seals the aperture between the door bottom and floor finish.
  • Door threshold – incorporates a neoprene gasket to provide a compression seal and compensate for misalignment. (6mm low level thresholds available for wheelchair users)
  • Head and jamb seal – gives continuous head and jamb protection with an adjustable neoprene gasket that seals against the full length of the door. Also, can incorporate a neoprene-encased magnet (#3708) to provide a second barrier.
  • Head and jamb spring seal – self-adhesive metal spring seal that provides an initial sound barrier at the door head and jambs.

Furthermore, we have also put together these Typical Example Sets of Zero Acoustic Sealsto help specifiers easily and accurately chose a tested sealing system for various levels of noise control.

Finally, to meet Approved Document E of the UK Building regulations, we have put together, and tested, these Part E Acoustic Seal sets to again make specification of compliant systems easy. Approved Document E stipulates a performance requirement of 29 Rw as being the standard requirement for doorsets in dwellings, flats, and all rooms for residential purposes. Furthermore, schools and particularly music rooms in schools are covered in the regulations.


Vision Panels

Vision panels, vision frames or lite kits, are pre-fabricated systems to enable vision and light through a door, when used with appropriate glazing. We offer steel based systems for incorporation into steel, timber, and aluminium doors. Our ranges include square, rectangular, and circular options for many applications such as fire, acoustic, security etc.

For square and rectangular requirements, we offer the LoPro steel and stainless steel systems. The LoPro is available in 5 profiles of varying depths, giving 15 combinations, meaning the range suits a wide range of door and glass thickness. Details of these combinations can be found here: AA1-CB1, DB1-EE1


Other References

Information relating to door hardware in general, which we feel is not only informative, but also of use regarding the correct specification of door hardware products.

Standards & Legislation

Conversion Tables: Part 1, Part 2

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