The LoPro vision panel is easy to install and provides a low profile, ‘flush to the door look’. Uses sheet metal screws that pass through the door cut-out, and fasten to the opposite side of the vision frame, thus eliminating the need to drill the door for through bolts and saving installation time and labour. It also leaves the corridor side of the frame free of fasteners for added security and a cleaner, more aesthetic appearance.


  • Available in various sizes ranging from 152-813mm width and 152-1727mm height

  • Available in 5 profiles with 15 different combinations to suit various door and glass thicknesses

  • Manufactured from mild steel and stainless steel

  • Fully fire tested to suit timber doors and steel doors

  • Concealed fixing one side

  • Available as a full kit with glass and glazing tape



The LoPro vision panel is available in a wide range of size combinations, with widths ranging from 152-813mm and heights ranging from 152-1727mm.


Door Thickness Options

The standard LoPro vision panel is available to suit 44mm metal or timber doors. The LoPro-IS suits other door thicknesses varying from 40mm to 60mm depending on profile combination.



We can supply complete kits for fire and non-fire rated doors. Available from stock we have a wide variety of glass, glazing tapes and aperture liners (timber fire doors). Please consult with us for the correct combination for your application.


Fully Fire Tested

The LoPro glazed vision panel systems are assessed for use on previously tested timber based doorsets up to 60 minutes and insulated and uninsulated steel doorsets up to 240 minutes with respect to BS EN 1634-1:2000 and BS 476-22:1987. WF Assessment Report No 190621/A Issue 7. Copy available upon request. LoPro frames must be used in the same configuration as tested with an aperture of the same size as that proposed being used (vision or louvre acceptable). Doors must have been previously tested to the relevant standard. The maximum sizes permitted and the period of integrity will be determined by the glass used, as detailed in the report. Mild steel and stainless steel frames are included. Zero FS9009 "ceramic type" glazing tape and FS4004 intumescent aperture liners should be used on timber doors. FS9009 "ceramic type" glazing tape should be used on steel doors, prices on page 98. Glazed apertures should be positioned a minimum of 150mm from any edge of the door leaf.



After the successful launch of the Anemostat LoPro-STC acoustic vision frame set, we decided to further increase its depth of testing by undertaking some acoustic tests with the most popular glass types we are asked to supply here in the UK. The vision frame comes with Sound Sealing Tape applied to the underside perimeter of both frame sides, or supplied separate if requested. CAUTION: Sound Sealing Tape should not be exposed to a heat-treating process from post factory applied finishes, such as powder coating.


Corrosion Tested

The LoPro vision panels (both galvanised mild steel and grade 304 stainless steel) have been successfully tested to Grade 4 (240 hours neutral salt spray exposure) in accordance with BS EN 1670:2007 Building Hardware - Corrosion Resistance. Report No WIL 392103 dated 30.01.2018 refers.