From doorstops and brush strip to hinges and thresholds, we stock and supply all the residential door hardware you need for around your home. Order before 2:45 for next-day delivery to your door.

Self-adhesive brush pile seals will help to make your home quieter, cleaner and more energy efficient. When fitted to your windows and doors, brush seals provide an inexpensive and versatile solution, protecting against draughts, heat, noise pollution, insects, vermin, and water ingress. 

Thanks to their dense bristles, self-adhesive brush pile seals are an excellent way to reduce air leakage around doors and
windows and prevent draughts. Due to their flexibility, brush seals are a great draught-preventing solution in older buildings or to seal uneven surfaces, as the malleable bristles conform to any irregularities, sealing gaps and preventing air infiltration. A brilliant way to seal the gap between your door and threshold, brush seals can provide an impressive three times more air infiltration reduction than vinyl seals.

Our high-quality brush strip can be fitted to various doors, windows, and surfaces. By easily adapting to different shapes thanks to the flexible profile, they’re an excellent solution for multiple applications, including sealing, guiding, wiping, slowing down, and pressing. Available in various profiles and sizes and as self-adhesive or screw-fixing options, our flexible brush strip is extremely durable and easy to fit. 

Fitting brush strip door seal is an excellent way to reduce any air leakage and draughts around your windows and doors. Also known as brush strip, draught seal and weatherstripping brush, brush door seals will help to better insulate your home during colder months and prevent thermal transfer during warmer months. 

Want to protect your doors from damage? Need to fit heavy-duty buffers to your motorhome or van doors to avoid costly knocks and dents? From spring loaded and
heavy duty to floor fixing and wall mounted, we stock and supply an extensive range of residential door hardware buffers and doorstops.

Improve your home’s safety and security with our range of trusted locks, latches, and cylinders. From security and privacy to safety and peace of mind, with our residential door hardware your property will be better protected from intruders, theft, and vandalism.

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