Build a safer school with quality, tested and trusted safety products for schools. From hinge-side finger protection guards and door anti-slamming devices to door loops and power transfers, reduce the risk of serious accidents in your educational setting with robust and durable door hardware. 


Best Safety Products for Schools  


Finprotect Plus Finger Protection Guards   

Did you know that over 1,500 of the 30,000 serious finger-crushing incidents that take place every year will need surgery? Finger guards are an important safety feature, particularly in foundation and key stage one corridors, classrooms and toilets.

From nurseries and primary schools to middle schools and secondary schools, having finger protection guards fitted to the hinge side of the doors in your school is essential to eliminating the risk of painful, severe finger injuries that could cause lasting damage to finger bones, joints, and tendons. Finger guards for schools are crucial to protecting young fingers from potential damage.    

Ensure the floor surfaces in
your school don't present any risk with anti-slip thresholds tested to BS 7976-2:2002. 

Our anti-slip tested thresholds:
6710A, 6710A-E, 548A, 548A-E, 3676A, 3676A-E, 6575A and 232A/236A received a 'low risk' (lowest possible) classification (36+ PTV) in dry conditions, with most of the thresholds tested also receiving this classification in wet conditions. Anti-slip thresholds are a must when sourcing safety products
for schools.

The Salvadita anti-slam safety system stops a door from slamming shut when force is applied. It's ideal for nurseries, schools, and any setting that caters to children. 

The patented anti-slam finger protection device fits to the top of the door frame and only activates when a door is closed with extreme force. On normal closing, the Salvadita safety
system won't engage, allowing the door to close normally and without interruption. Suitable for use on aluminium, metal, PVC and wooden doorsets,
the durable Salvadita anti-slam device prevents painful crushing accidents when hands or fingers are placed between the door and frame.   

Salvadita Finger Protection - 805700010an image showing a white kitchen unit next to a white open door
Salvadita Finger Protection - 805700010
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Need to connect electricity
across your entire electric door and frame? Our large selection of cost-effective power transfer door loops and accessories are available with next-day delivery if you order before 2:45 pm. 

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