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Exciting news! Be the first to get your hands on the latest door hardware products coming soon. 

We have an exciting range of brand-new products landing in May. From a unique 3D Cam-Motion ® technology gate closer and award-winning door blocking system to a new dropseal range and a range of riser door hardware. Why not look at our innovative new door hardware products coming soon below?  

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Vertical Gate Closer  

The DC630G vertical gate closer uses 3D Cam-Motion ® technology to make it much easier to operate than traditional gate closers, needing less push force to close securely and improve safety. Its vertical design and minimalist sleek profile mean the DC630G can be installed behind the gate and out of site.  

Perfect for apartment blocks, care homes, schools, communal entrances and private residences, the DC630G vertical gate closer is easy to install, with no welding needed and is power adjustable for gates up to 1300mm wide and 150kg in weight.  

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Ellenmatic Dropseal Range  

The new timber door automatic dropseal range by Ellen are continental style mortice fixing dropseals. Ideal for sealing the bottoms of doors when soundproofing, fire and smoke rating or when sealing on rough surfaces is needed.  

Each model has an internal correction mechanism to suit any slope of the floor and operates from one end only.  

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Award-Winning Door Blocking System 

The innovative and award-winning Exceptor ® door blocking system prevents unauthorised access to any inward opening door, allowing users to communicate with confidence and keep unwanted visitors out.  

Mounted in the floor on the inside of the door, the door blocking system is easily activated by foot. Once activated, the sprung loaded heavy-duty stainless-steel blocking pin immediately engages, making it impossible for the door to fully open.  

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Lockable Door Bolt 

A multi-purpose lockable door bolt to add extra security to various door types. Locking is achieved by simply pushing down on the self-locking steel bolt to engage it within the included dust proof socket. To unlock, simply turn the key clockwise to release the sprung loaded bolt to the unlocked position.  

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Riser Door Hardware  

A brand-new full range of specialist door hardware products for riser doors. The range consists of 3-point locking systems with key or cylinder operation, rods and rod guides to suit, restrictor stay and our market-leading range of fire and smoke seals.  

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Pre-order Your New Door Hardware Products Today  

Our exciting new products are due to land in our warehouse during May. If you’d like to be the first to get your hands on them, pre-order yours today by calling us on 01785 282910. Or browse our extensive range of door hardware products at  



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