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Drop seals for timber doors can help to stop draughts, the passage of dust and debris from one area to another and provide a threshold-free passage for disabled people. Specially designed for timber doors, our new Ellenmatic automatic drop seal range is easy to fit, needs no power connection and provides a self-levelling, tight seal, even on uneven floors. The slimline, morticed Ellenmatic range includes smoke and fire-rated, acoustic and weatherproofing drop seals and is ideal for use on internal doors in residential apartments, offices, or public buildings. With many reasons why you should fit drop seals to your doors, here are our top four: 


Fire Safety

A fire-rated drop seal helps to prevent the passage of toxic smoke and flames. As a fire-rated drop seal seals the gap at the bottom of the door it helps to contain the smoke and fire in just one area. The seal created buys critical time for the safe evacuation of anyone on the premises and helps to limit any further damage to other parts of the building. 

According to the Fire Door Inspection Organisation, 75% of UK fire doors fail inspections, with 77% of these failures due to excessive gaps between the door and frame. So, it’s crucial to fit and maintain your fire and smoke seals.



Acoustic drop seals for timber doors help to reduce noise pollution between rooms or areas. A drop seal with an acoustic rating will prevent sound from being carried between rooms by closing the gap at the bottom of the door. Acoustic drop seals are ideal for doors where privacy and noise control are needed, such as meeting rooms, offices and residential settings. 

Soundproofing is increasingly important and essential in buildings such as hospitals, office blocks, hotels and apartments. Along with providing impressive acoustic ratings of 51dB and 50dB, respectively, the Ellenmatic Soundproof and Slim Soundproof protect against fire and smoke, keep out drafts and odours, save energy and prevent draughts.


Energy Efficiency 

Drop seals for timber doors help prevent draughts, air leakage, and heat transfer by creating a tight seal at the bottom of the door. The sealed door bottom also improves a building’s energy efficiency by reducing heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. A more ambient room temperature will improve energy savings and increase comfort. 

The Ellenmatic Brush provides the perfect weather seal with its soft brush seal for sealing on rough surfaces. 


Pest & Dust Prevention 

Having a gap at the bottom of your door allows any dust, debris and unwanted pests to enter your room or building. However, drop seals for timber doors provide a useful barrier against these, helping to maintain a cleaner and more hygienic indoor space by reducing the infiltration of external contaminants. 


Need Drop Seals for Timber Doors? 

Our new Ellenmatic automatic drop seals are slimline and morticed, fitting discreetly into a rebate at the bottom of your timber door leaf. Made from robust aluminium, they are also highly durable, ensuring long-lasting performance and functionality. Find out more about our new Ellenmatic drop seals for timber doors or browse our extensive range of door hardware products today. 

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