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Prevent Hand & Finger-Crushing Accidents with a Door Anti-Slam Device

Fitting a door anti-slam device will stop painful hand and finger crushing accidents from happening on the handle side of your doors. Did you know, according to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), 30,000 people seriously crush their fingers in doors every year, and many of these people, particularly children, will need surgery? The British Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons (BAPRAS) also warn that fingers crushed in a door could result in long-term pain or even amputation.  

Finger-crushing incidents can happen to anyone and are far more common than you might think. With vulnerable people and children most at risk, it’s essential to reduce the risk of door-slamming accidents in public buildings such as residential homes, schools, nurseries, leisure centres and libraries. Fitting finger protection guards to your doors will prevent fingers from being trapped in the hinge side, but how do you make a door not slam?   


Best door anti-slam device  

The Salvadita anti-slam safety device stops a door from slamming shut when force is used. This patented door anti-slam device prevents fingers and hands from being crushed on the closing side of your door if it slams shut. Suitable for internal doors and quick and easy to install, the Salvadita will protect hands and fingers year after year.   


How does the Salvadita work?   

The robust door anti-slam device fits to the top of your door frame and only activates when a door is closed with extreme force. On normal closing, the Salvadita safety system won’t engage, allowing your door to close normally and without interruption. Having passed numerous durability and admissibility tests, you can be confident the Salvadita door anti-slam device will prevent serious finger-crushing incidents in your building.   



What doors can and can’t the Salvadita be fitted to?  

The anti-door slamming device is suitable for internal aluminium, metal, PVC and wooden door sets, preventing painful crushing accidents when hands or fingers are placed between the door and frame. Unsuitable for doors fitted with a door closer and fire or emergency exit doors, as the device could stop the door from closing, the Salvadita door anti-slam device is an ideal safety system for internal doors in any public building, especially if your building caters to vulnerable people, children or is particularly busy.   


Preventing finger crushing   

With plastic surgeons warning of the lifelong problems often experienced when children’s fingers are crushed in a closing door, it’s important to put safety measures in place to prevent finger crushing where possible. If you’d like to order the Salvadita door anti-slam device for your educational setting, you may be eligible for a discount. Call us today on 01785 282910 to find out more.    


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