what are door stays


If you’re looking into door hardware solutions for your internal or external doors, you may be wondering, ‘What are door stays’? Also known as door limiters, limit stays, or friction stays, door stays do precisely what they say on the tin and help your doors to stop in a specific position, usually 90°.

Door stays help to limit the opening of your door, providing support and stability to ensure your doors open and close smoothly and securely.


What does a door stay do?

  • Helps maintain the lifespan of the doorset
  • Provides stability and control
  • Improves a building’s safety and security
  • Helps to improve any accessibility issues
  • Reduces the risk of damage to your door
  • Helps to save money on costly wall or door repairs


What are door stays used for?

Whether you’re considering fitting door stays to your internal or external timber or steel doors, door stays will help to avoid any potential damage to your doors, door frames and the door’s other hardware.

What are door stays protecting against? From heavy winds and violent openings, your doors are often subjected to all kinds of abuse. Outward opening, external doors are particularly susceptible to heavy handling and potential damage. Door stays help to protect your doors and walls by limiting the opening angle and even cushioning the force.


what are door stays


Heavy-duty door stays

What are door stays suitable for? Depending on the type, door stays can be used on most doors but are generally found on both timber and steel doors. Our heavy-duty door stays are ideal for heavy metal doors subjected to aggressive handling or high winds — our HD7000 Series (Z108HD) can handle a maximum door weight of 454kg!

Commonly used by utility companies, banks, prisons and marine engineering companies, our heavy-duty door stays often have an extra strong spring to absorb some of the opening shock when the door is opened.


Can door stays be fitted to fire doors?

Fire doors should be closed and not held open to be an effective barrier against fire and smoke. The only exception would be if a fire door retainer is fitted. Therefore, door stays incorporating hold-open devices cannot be used.

However, our 7000 Series Spring Rebound Surface Fixing Door Stay is available to special order without the hold-open function. And has been successfully assessed to BS EN1634-1 for steel fire doors with up to 240 minutes integrity.


The most comprehensive door stay selection in the UK

From friction door stays and concealed restrictors to heavy-duty and industrial door limiting stays, we’re proud to supply the widest door stay selection in the UK.

Made from high-quality materials, our easy-to-install door stays are available in a wide range of sizes and finishes.

Browse our extensive door stay range today or call us on 01785 282910.

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