finger guards for doors



Having finger guards for doors fitted to the hanging side of your doors will prevent serious finger injuries. Whether vulnerable adults or children, painful finger-trapping accidents are far more common than you might think. In fact, a staggering 30,000 people trap and seriously crush their fingers in doors every year, according to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA). And over 1500 of these alarming finger-trapping incidents, particularly involving children, will require surgery.  

Although finger-trapping accidents are more common with children, the elderly and those with special needs, a painful finger-crushing incident can happen to anyone. And every door presents a potential risk. From commercial buildings such as residential homes, schools, nurseries, leisure centers and libraries, having finger guards for doors fitted is essential to eliminate the risk of painful and severe finger injuries.  


finger guards for doors


Finger Entrapment Regulations 

The assigned Responsible Person for your building is responsible for assessing if finger guards for doors are needed. Generally, a building that caters for vulnerable adults or children would likely require the fitting of door finger protection. As a minimum, it's recommended that finger safety strips be fitted to the hanging side of all doors in all foundation stage and key stage one corridors, classrooms and toilets.  


Why You Need Finger Guards for Doors  

  • Meet the requirements of your building’s health and safety assessment  
  • Prevent potential serious injuries  
  • Protect your employees, residents and visitors  
  • Avoid potential lawsuits in the event of an injury  



Finger Guards for Fire Doors  

If your fire doors need finger protection, you’ll need to ensure that they’re also fire rated, as any door hardware fitted to a fire door needs to be as equally fire rated as the door. To comply with current fire safety regulations, your finger protection strips should have undergone independent third-party testing to standards such as BS EN 1634-1:2014. This European standard ensures that your finger protection guards meet the required fire resistance level.  

Our complete Ellen Finprotect Plus range has been successfully tested and assessed to BS EN 1634-1:2014 and can be installed on fire-rated doors, providing fire protection regardless of the fire exposure direction. The fire-rated Finprotect Plus range has an integrity of up to 240 minutes on previously tested steel-based doorsets and an integrity of up to 120 minutes on timber-based doorsets.  


finger guards for doors


Why Ellen Finprotect Plus? 

Along with its impressive fire rating, the Finprotect Plus range is fully tested to class 2 of BS 8613:2017, meaning our Finprotect Plus finger protection strips successfully prevent fingers from entering the gap between the doors and frame when force is used. Our Finprotect Plus finger guards for doors are also quick and easy to install. And will continue to provide finger protection and prevent injury year after year.  

  • Fire tested to BS EN 1634-1:2014 
  • Tested to class 2 of BS 8613:2017 
  • Available in three different profiles to suit hinged doors and double action doors on floor springs  
  • Tested to 1 million cycles  
  • Totally concealed fixing  
  • Quick and easy to fit with only six Torx screws per side  
  • Suits both internal and external doors  
  • Self-tapping screw pack available for metal doors 
  • Self-adhesive tape pack available for glass, PVCu and composite doors 
  • Dual hardness synthetic section slots into aluminium channels on the door and frame  
  • Available in white, black, brown, light grey and anthracite dark grey


Need Finger Protection Strips for Your Commercial Building?  

Finprotect Plus finger protection strips are ideal for your internal or external, fire-rated or non-fire-rated doors and will prevent potentially serious finger-crushing incidents from happening in your building. Take a look at our range of finger guards for doors today or call us on 01785 282 910 to talk to one of our knowledgeable team. 


How to Fit the Finprotect Plus Finger Protection Guard 

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