drop seals for fire doors


Drop seals for fire doors can be an essential component of your fire-rated doorsets and help to improve fire safety. A fire and smoke-rated automatic drop-down door seal will prevent the passage of flames and toxic smoke. And with the most common cause of fire death being recorded as being ‘overcome by gas or smoke’ by the Fire Rescue Service last year, stopping the spread of toxic smoke is critical to help save lives.   


drop seals for fire doors


Smoke: The Silent Killer  

The smoke produced by an indoor fire is highly toxic. All combustible materials cause poisonous smoke when burning, and the more manufactured materials set alight, the more toxins emitted. And as a significant two-thirds of fabrics are now made from petrochemicals and most homes and business premises contain increasing amounts of synthetic materials, the smoke from a fire today poses an ever more serious threat. In fact, it's estimated that as many as 50% to 80% of all fire-related deaths are caused by smoke inhalation.   


Stopping Smoke with Drop Seals for Fire Doors  

Smoke can spread through a building at an alarming speed. The smoke from a fire wants to rise, but in a building, the smoke becomes restricted by the ceiling, so instead of moving upwards, it spreads out in all directions. Smoke is stealthy and will find its way through gaps – from holes in walls and ceilings to cracks in floors and around doors. So, it’s crucial to prevent the passage of smoke between occupancies and high-risk areas of a building as much as possible. Smoke-rated drop seals for fire doors offer an excellent way to seal the bottom of fire doors and prevent the passage of toxic smoke.   


door seals for fire doors


Fire & Smoke Rated Door Hardware   

Smoke is deadly. And the critical role of high-quality, fire and smoke-rated door hardware simply can’t be overstated. Our high-performing 355A fire-rated drop-down seal has undergone stringent air leakage tests to ensure its leakage rate doesn’t exceed 3m³ /h per meter at 25 Pa. This means our fire-rated, steel-door dropseal has achieved the additional BS EN 1634-3 smoke rating – the highest classification possible for cold smoke seals.   

Along with the high level of smoke safety, the 355A Automatic Dropseal is fire-rated for steel doors with up to 180 minutes of fire integrity to BS EN 1634-1:2014, making it the ideal fire-safety solution for any steel fire door.   


drop seals for fire doors


The 355A Automatic Drop-Down Door Seal   

  • Reversible OEM dropseal - mortice pattern  
  • The ZEROplus 355A Automatic dropseals for fire doors fit neatly into the inverted door channel 
  • Made from anodised aluminium with double silicone extrusion 
  • The fire and smoke-rated 355A dropseal for steel doors has a flat spring mechanism that lifts the dropseal when the door is opened and seals the bottom of the door when it's closed 


Our 355A dropseals for fire doors are available in various sizes and can be ordered immediately from stock. To talk to one of our knowledgeable team about the fire and smoke-rated dropseals you need, call 01785 282 910 today.   

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