Finger Guards for Schools: Protecting Children from Painful Finger Injuries


Finger guards for schools are an important safety feature, particularly for foundation and key stage one corridors, classrooms and toilets. Did you know that over 1,500 of the 30,000 serious finger-crushing incidents that take place every year will need surgery? Plastic surgeons warn of the lifelong problems often experienced when children’s fingers are crushed in a closing door. According to the British Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons (BAPRAS), fingers crushed in a door could result in long-term pain or even amputation. 


finger guards for schools


All Doors Present a Potential Risk 

Although finger-trapping accidents are more common with children under five, older people and those with additional needs, a painful finger-crushing incident can happen to anyone and children of any age. From nurseries and primary schools to middle schools and secondary schools, having finger protection guards fitted to the hinge side of the doors in your school is essential to eliminate the risk of painful, severe finger injuries that could cause lasting damage to finger bones, joints and tendons. Finger guards for schools are important to protect young fingers from potential damage.  


Finger-Trapping Accidents in Doors 

A finger-trapping accident can occur on the handle or hinge side of a door. While a handle-side accident can be severe, hinge-side incidents can be far more dangerous.  


Hinge-Side Finger Trapping  

A hinge-side finger-trapping incident can be extremely serious — fingers can easily be crushed, broken or cut off completely. A hinge-side finger accident can potentially happen to anyone who places their fingers near the hinge side of an open door.  

Due to the nature of this type of crushing and how the door closes, fingers can be trapped for a while. If this is the case and fingers become trapped in the hinge side of the door for a prolonged period, the situation can become especially worrying as the trapped fingers begin to create toxins in the tissue. If fingers — or any part of the body — become crushed for fifteen minutes or longer, you should call an ambulance immediately. In this situation, you should always wait for a medical professional before releasing the trapped person. Extended trapping has the potential to be fatal. 


Handle-Side Finger Trapping  

Whether slammed by the wind or closed too quickly, fingers near the handle side of a door can easily become trapped if not moved out of the way. Although it's less likely that a more serious, extended trapping will occur on the handle side, fingers can still be broken, crushed or cut off. 


 finger guards for schools


Finger Guards for Schools Prevent Painful Finger Accidents 

Finger amputation and lasting damage to finger bones, joints and tendons can be avoided by assessing risk and considering the following:  


  • Door Closers  

Ensure all door closers work correctly to prevent handle-side finger accidents. 


  • Finger Protection Guards  

Reduce the risk of serious hinge-side finger-crushing accidents by fitting finger guards for schools to both sides of internal and external doors. Once fitted, they’ll keep fingers safe year after year. 


FinProtect Plus Finger Protection Guards  

To help reduce the 30,000 finger-crushing incidents and many nail bed operations carried out on children every year, you need finger guards for schools you can trust. We’re proud to say our Finprotect Plus range is thoroughly tested to class 2 of BS 8613:2017, meaning our Finprotect Plus finger protection guards successfully prevent fingers from entering the gap between the doors and frame when force is used.  

Our Finprotect Plus range has also been successfully tested and assessed to BS EN 1634-1:2014, so can be installed on fire-rated doors and provides fire protection regardless of the fire exposure direction. The fire-rated Finprotect Plus range has an integrity of up to 240 minutes on previously tested steel-based doorsets and an integrity of up to 120 minutes on timber-based doorsets.   

Finprotect Plus finger guards for schools are quick and easy to install. And will continue to provide finger protection and prevent injury year after year. If you’d like to order our finger protection guards for your educational setting, you may be eligible for a discount. Call us today on 01785 282910 to find out more.  


How to Fit the Finprotect Plus Finger Protection Guard

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