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Silicone door seals can offer excellent protection against drafts, water ingress, heat loss, smells, noise, fire and smoke. Also known as frame seals or perimeter seals, silicone rubber seals are fitted around the inside edge of your door frame, forming a tight seal between the frame and the door.   


Why Silicone Rubber Seals?   

Whether for your windows or doors, silicone rubber seals are incredibly versatile. Suitable for most glazing and door designs, silicone door seals are also very UV light and sunlight-aging resistant, making them exceptionally durable. They also offer excellent resistance to acid, oil, gasoline, animal/vegetable oils, water absorption, oxidation, ozone, heat ageing and flame.   


High-Performing, All-Weather Seals   

Along with being durable and long-lasting, these types of seals perform well in all kinds of weather conditions. The mechanical properties of silicone door seals mean they perform well in all weathers and from high to low temperatures. With superb insulation properties, silicone seals are also water and moisture-repellent, helping to keep your building warm and dry.   


Bi-Directional Fire & Smoke Silicone Door Seals   

If you need seals for your fire-rated doors, you’ll need fire and smoke-rated silicone seals. Fire and smoke seals keep the gap between the door and frame sealed, preventing fire and smoke from passing from one area to another.   

Our entire range of self-adhesive silicone seals has been successfully assessed and fire-rated for use on insulated or uninsulated fire-rated timber and steel doors. Depending on the construction of your door, our silicone door seals provide fire protection for up to 240 minutes and have achieved BS EN 1634-1. The entire range also prevents the passage of cold smoke and has achieved BN EN 1634-3. Our self-adhesive fire and smoke seals offer fire protection regardless of the direction of the exposure. So whether your doors open towards or away from the risk of fire, our silicone fin seals provide the fire and smoke protection you need.   


silicone seals for doors


Why Zero Silicone Fin Fire & Smoke Seals?  

  • Available in four profiles   
  • To suit a frame gap of 2mm to 6mm  
  • Bi-directionally fire tested to BS EN 1634-1, working under both positive and negative pressure  
  • Can be used on steel or timber doors  
  • Prevents the passage of cold smoke and has achieved BS EN 1634-3  
  • New UL94 flammability testing - classified V-0  


Our entire range of fire and smoke seals has also been tested to the popular flammability standard, UL94, and has achieved the highest classification of V-0 for self-extinguishing silicone. So, should your silicone seals catch alight, they’ll quickly self-extinguish within 10 seconds.   

Need to seal meeting stiles on pairs of steel doors? Our 1771S and 1772S seals have been explicitly developed as meeting stile seals and can be fitted to either the astragal or leading edges.   

The Zero silicone fin fire and smoke seals can be ordered immediately from stock, are cut to size from a 61-metre coil length and are easy to fit. To talk to one of our knowledgeable team about the silicone door seals you need, call us on 01785 282 910 today.    

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