We are excited to announce that our Finprotect Plus range of finger protection devices are now tested to the new British Standard BS 8613:2017 “Finger Protection Devices for Pedestrian Doors”.

Furthermore, the range was tested to the more onerous Class 2 of the standard, which tests the ability of the device in preventing fingers entering the gap between the door and frame when force is used. Class 1 devices would not undergo this part of the testing.

BS 8613 was written to provide guidance on the best finger protection devices for doors. With a variety of products already on the market, it was felt that there was no guidance as to what works well, what fails easily, what is durable and what is truly safe in use.

With this new testing you can now specify and use Finprotect Plus with confidence.

Full details of the Finprotect Plus range can be found on our website at and a copy of the test report is available upon request.

Posted on 11th February 2019 at 2:43 pm