After the successful launch of the Anemostat LoPro-STC acoustic vision frame set, we decided to further increase its depth of testing by undertaking some acoustic tests with the bestselling glasses we supply here in the UK.

The LoPro has now been sound tested with our most popular glasses, in both single pane form and incorporated into double glazed units. The range of glasses tested included non-fire rated options such as 6mm toughened and 6.4mm laminated, and also fire rated options such as Pyrocet, Firelite and Pyroshield 2. We even tested 7.5mm thick Anti-Bandit laminated glass.

Now we have a UK tested solution where an acoustic rated vision frame is required, with the glass you use. Full details of the testing carried out can be found here.

Posted on 8th March 2019 at 10:25 am