Z304 Door Selector

Here at Zero, we pride ourselves on supplying quality products, which meets required standards. One such product is our Z304 door co-ordinator, which is tested to BS EN 1158:1997, and CE & UKCA marked. These markings give confidence that the product has been rigorously tested and meets the essential requirements of the standard. That is, if the complete product has been installed.

Recently we have been hearing of, and seeing, instances where the Rebate Catch component of the Z304 has not been installed. Therefore, not only does it render the product not CE or UKCA marked as all tested components haven’t been fitted, but it also leaves the pair of doors at risk from fire.

The surface mounted Rebate Catch is supplied with every Z304 and should be installed. It is essential to the correct performance of the door co-ordinator, and therefore maintaining the integrity of the fire doors. The patented ‘toggle’ on the rebate catch, catches the edge of the inactive leaf if opened first, and ensures the active leaf is pulled fair enough open to be held by the gravity arm, thus ensuring the correct closing sequence, and maintaining integrity.

Obviously, we felt we needed to bring this to wider attention - Fit the catch!