Zero Seal Systems Ltd has recently moved into spacious new premises at 43-45 Ladford Covert.

Because of very limited office space, Zero had been searching for solutions for some time. When a unit with more office space became available on the same industrial estate, it seemed ideal!

Sales director Mark Lockley said: “We had been rather squashed in the office for a while but had put moving on hold due to the situation with the economy. However, an ideal unit became available within a few hundred yards of where we were – so because of the minimal moving costs, we decided to relocate. This now gives us room to expand in both the warehouse and office areas and puts the company in a good position for the future.”

Zero now operates from units 43-45 Ladford Covert, but all phone and fax numbers remain unchanged.

Posted on 1st June 2011 at 12:00 am