fire door ventilation grille


Need a fire door ventilation grille? Do you have fire-rated doors to rooms that need air circulation, such as plant rooms, changing rooms, computer rooms or manufacturing areas? The FBLS Fire Block Louvre System allows for airflow while maintaining the integrity of your fire doors and preventing the spread of flames.  

While standard louvres allow for ventilation, they also permit the passage of flames and toxic smoke. But the Fire Block Louvre System for steel doors has achieved BS EN 1634-1:2014, ensuring an impressive four-hour integrity in a fire. 


  fire door ventilation grille system



The FBLS Fire Block Louvre System  

Consisting of an FB intumescent block grille just 14mm (about 0.55 in) thick and an FDLS two-part steel louvre set. The intumescent block fits within the door aperture, with the steel louvre set fixed to each side of the door, sandwiching the FB intumescent block grille. The fire door ventilation grille system is designed for doors of a 44mm minimum thickness and no maximum door thickness.  

An inverted split Y non-vision louvre, the FBLS Fire Block Louvre System is manufactured from 18GA cold rolled steel, is galvanized and grey primed. The FBLS fire door ventilation grille is also available in Grades 304 and 316 stainless steel to special order. 


fire door ventilation grille


How the Fire Door Ventilation Grille Works 

When subjected to fire, the intumescent block grille swells when temperatures reach 160-200° C, expanding to 40 times its original volume to fill the door void. And it’s this expansion of the intumescent block grille that prevents the spread of flames, maintaining the fire door's integrity. The Fire Block Louvre System is available in over 25 standard sizes from stock and available to order in any size from a 152mm x 152mm minimum cut-out. 


The Importance of Sufficient Ventilation  

Along with preserving the integrity of your fire-rated doors, the FBLS Fire Block Louvre System fire door ventilation grille allows for 40% free airflow, helping to improve the general airflow around your building. Appropriate ventilation is essential in commercial or industrial spaces as it helps eliminate indoor pollutants, lingering moisture and control temperatures.  

Sufficient airflow around your space will make it a much healthier place to be. Adequate ventilation helps to combat condensation, mould, pollutants, dampness, and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from harming your health and well-being.  


The Fire Block Louvre System fire door ventilation grille is the ideal solution for fire-rated doors to rooms that need ventilation. Take a look at our range of fire-rated products today or call us on 01785 282 910 to talk to one of our knowledgeable team. 


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