A fire door is an essential part of a building’s passive fire protection system. A critical component of every fire door is the hardware on it. At ZEROplus we have been independently fire testing door hardware for over 20 years, to be able today to offer an extensive range of tested products.

Quick access links to tested products can be found below. Please consult with us to determine exact testing information for each item.



Automatic drop seals, rabbeted thresholds, stainless steel flat thresholds, fin seals, teardrop seals


Vision Panels

LoPro, LoPro-IS, Lo-FP & Lo-FP-IS, LoPro-CS, BFL-75, FGS-75 & IS, Slimport



FBLS fire block louvre system, FLDL fusible link system


ZH butt hinges, Contipin continuous hinges


Door Closers

Briton 131, Briton 2700 series, Briton 2300 series, Briton 1120B, Briton 1130B, Briton 2000 series, Briton 121CE 


Door selectors / coordinators

Z304 series, SP81



Z7200 series, Briton 5400 series, Briton 5 lever Legge locks, Nemef 6100 series, Nemef 6600 series

Euro Cylinders

KD standard differ cylinders


Monitoring Contact



Power Transfer Units



Door Loops

ZFLEX concealed series


Lever Handles & escutcheons

Z9 series

Pull Handles

Z9 series

Door Viewers



Letter Plates

ZLP02 series, ZLP03 series

Panic & Emergency Exit Hardware

Corni Ministar 429, Corni Minipad 423, Corni Touch 445, Corni Eurosmart, Corni Millenium, Corni Composit, Tesa Universal (page 1, page 2, page 3), Briton 376 series, Briton 560-570 series

Door Stays

7000 series – Stop function

Flush Bolts

Z003R manual, Z015 automatic

Finger Protection

Finprotect Plus

Fire-rated door hardware refers to any type of building hardware that is specifically designed and tested to withstand the high temperatures and intense heat of a fire. This includes door hinges, locks, latches, and other hardware that is used to secure doors and windows in a building.

Fire-rated hardware is an essential component in any building's fire safety system, as it helps to prevent the spread of flames and smoke from one room or area to another. It is often required by building codes and regulations, especially in commercial and industrial buildings where the risk of fire is higher.

In addition to being fire resistant, it is also important for fire rated hardware to be durable and able to withstand regular use. Look for products made from high-quality materials, such as stainless steel, that are designed to last for many years with minimal maintenance.

Intumescent Aperture Liner - Fs4004Intumescent Aperture Liner - Fs4004 44Mm Wide 30 Minute Fire Rated Timber Doors / 2438Mm
Intumescent Aperture Liner - FS4004
From £28.56
In stock, 648 units
Anemostat Intumescent Aperture Liner - AlAnemostat Intumescent Aperture Liner - Al 44Mm Wide 30 Minute Fire Rated Timber Doors
Anemostat Intumescent Aperture Liner - AL
From £45.04
In stock, 248 units