Improve your commercial or public building’s safety, security, and compliance with our extensive range of door hardware for commercial buildings. Whether you need to improve the safety, ventilation or natural light in your building, our high-quality, robust commercial door hardware is trusted by businesses and education settings across the UK.

Vision panels are a stunning design addition to any door in your hotel, bar, restaurant or other public or commercial building. Not only do they look great, but vision panels also allow lots of lovely light to flood through otherwise claustrophobic corridors and help keep your staff and customers safe by improving your building's visibility and fire
safety. Also known as vision lights, glazing panels or vision frames, vision panels offer many benefits to your building, from safety and security to accessibility and compliance.

A well-ventilated space not only ensures comfort but has also been linked to improved concentration and reduced sick
days. The removal of stale air and the introduction of fresh air into a building also removes excess CO2 and moisture, along with VOCs and air
containing virus particles.

Ventilation louvres are ideal for partitions in offices and classrooms or in doors to plant rooms, stores, computer rooms, changing facilities and manufacturing areas where ventilation is needed. By using the natural forces of wind and temperature differences, passive airflow can be created through these intentional openings. The natural ventilation airflow created by ventilation louvres improves indoor air quality, energy efficiency and reduces the need for expensive mechanical ventilation systems.

L-700-RX Inverted V louvre – Non visionL-700-RX Inverted V louvre – Non vision
L-700-RX Inverted V louvre – Non vision
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Anemostat Inverted Split Y Metal Louvre - FdlsAnemostat Inverted Split Y Metal Louvre - Fdls 406X406Mm (16X16In)
Anemostat Inverted Split Y Metal Louvre - FDLS
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Need ventilation louvres for your fire doors? Have fire-rated doors to rooms that need air circulation, such as plant rooms, changing rooms, computer rooms or manufacturing areas? The FBLS Fire Block Louvre System allows for airflow while maintaining the integrity of your fire doors and preventing the spread of flames. 

While standard louvres allow for ventilation, they also permit the passage of flames and toxic smoke. But the Fire Block Louvre System for steel doors has achieved BS EN 1634-1:2014, ensuring an impressive four-hour integrity in a fire.

Fbls Fire Block Louvre SystemFbls Fire Block Louvre System 356X356Mm (14X14In)
FBLS Fire Block Louvre System
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Also referred to as fire door coordinators, fire door selectors are fitted at the head of a pair of fire doors and make sure the self-closing doors lose correctly, regardless of which leaf is opened first. If the second opening leaf is forced open first, it ensures the first opening leaf remains held open until the second has properly closed, guaranteeing the correct closing sequence, and maintaining the integrity of your fire doors.

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