Need accessibility and door hardware products that will improve your care home safety? From low, flat thresholds and door closers to wheelchair shower thresholds and easy-to-operate gate closers, we supply a range of products that form key parts of inclusive doorsets, creating equal access for everyone and safer residential homes.

From an adjustable closing speed and delayed action to a hold-open function, adjustable latch action and back check, fitting a door closer can prevent future door damage, costly repairs, nasty accidents, and unauthorised access. 

Having door closers fitted to your doors can help reduce the risk of accidents happening in your building and improve your care home safety. By ensuring your doors close properly and securely and preventing them from slamming shut, you'll reduce the risk of collisions, tripping, and finger-trapping incidents from happening. Along with reduced accident risk and improved energy efficiency, when fitted to a fire-rated door, an automatic door closer for fire doors will help create a crucial barrier to stop the spread of flames and toxic smoke in a fire.  

We’re proud to supply a range of quality care home safety wheelchair, walking aid and mobility scooter-friendly products. From aluminium, grooved 6.4mm flat threshold plates and aluminium, grooved modular ramps to wheelchair shower thresholds, our accessibility products for
homes and businesses are perfect for overcoming problems with differences in finished floor levels.

Our shower door threshold is designed for use when a shower needs to be accessible to a wheelchair, keeping the water safely in the shower tray and allowing wheels to pass over without issue. Available in two heights, the wheelchair shower threshold is ideal for both domestic and public showers.

Shower Threshold - 8452
Shower Door Threshold - 8452
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Shower Threshold - 845253Shower Threshold - 845253 914Mm
Shower Door Threshold - 845253
From £94.44
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Although finger-trapping accidents are more common with children, the elderly and those with special needs, a painful finger-crushing incident can happen to anyone. And every door presents a potential risk.

Along with its impressive fire rating, our Finprotect Plus range is fully tested to class 2 of BS 8613:2017, meaning our Finprotect Plus finger protection guards successfully prevent fingers from entering the gap between the doors and frame when force is used. Our Finprotect Plus finger protection guards are also quick and easy to install. And will continue to provide finger protection and prevent injury year after year. 

Ideal for mobility scooters, wheelchairs, and walking-aid users, the aluminium, grooved 6.4mm flat thresholds are available in various widths and lengths, are easy to cut to size and are suitable for internal or external use. The low-profile thresholds feature a gradual ramp on each side, allowing easy access across from both directions.

Flat Threshold - 545Flat Threshold - 545 1219Mm
Flat Door Threshold - 545
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Flat Threshold - 548Flat Threshold - 548 1219Mm
Flat Door Threshold - 548
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Flat Threshold - 6710Flat Threshold - 6710 1219Mm
Flat Door Threshold - 6710
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Flat Threshold - 546Flat Threshold - 546 1219Mm
Flat Door Threshold - 546
From £79.84
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Flat Threshold - 544Flat Threshold - 544 1219Mm
Flat Door Threshold - 544
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Flat Threshold - 674Flat Threshold - 674 1219Mm
Flat Door Threshold - 674
From £94.09
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